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So... what do we actually do?

The better questions is: what don't we do? Wondering how to enhance diversity and add some spark to your ideas and plans?


We got you!


Explore our diverse portfolio here at the "What Do We Do?" hub. 

In our dynamic four-year journey, we've embraced every creative challenge with drive and ambition, transforming ideas into a kaleidoscope of innovation. From vibrant events to turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, an art which we've mastered. There's no challenge too big, no concept too wild – we're not just an agency; we're the makers of dreams, the painters of possibilities, and the choreographers of creativity and impact. At the core of it all, we strive to make an impact – turning each project into a powerful narrative, leaving a lasting impression.


If you need something colorful, diverse, and something that hasn't been done before, give us a call!

We're confident you'll find inspiration in what we've achieved, and we're ready to organize something that is tailored just for you! Get inspired below:

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1. Brand collaborations

We specialize in infusing a touch of sparkle into brands, elevating their essence and showcasing the diverse spectrum they embody. Our expertise ensures that each brand shines uniquely, celebrating the richness of its diversity.

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4. Drag bingo / brunch or quizzes

Our legendary bingos, quizzes, and brunches promise unforgettable moments filled with laughter and unexpected antics. Join us for dazzling performances, fierce prizes, and a world of glitter and laughter at our drag brunches and drag bingos. Get ready to sashay, shantay, and slay!





3. Live music

We currently collaborate with the top musicians in the queer community, creating events that celebrate diversity and showcase extraordinary talent. Through these existing partnerships, our goal is to break barriers, and craft unforgettable experiences for audiences worldwide.




2. Live events

From festivals and club nights to corporate parties, we specialize in crafting magical events of every kind. Our expertise transforms any occasion into an enchanting experience that captivates and delights. What sets us apart is our commitment to tailoring each event with a bespoke touch, ensuring every gathering reflects the unique essence of our clients, creating memorable experiences that stand out in their distinctiveness.



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Public speakers advocating for diversity, inclusion, and embracing one's true self play a pivotal role in creating a society where everyone feels heard, valued and empowered. Their impactful messages not only inspire positive change but also contribute to building a world that celebrates the richness of individuality and diversity.




5. (Panel) Talks


Drag queens reading to children provides crucial representation, challenging gender norms and promoting inclusivity. This practice introduces diverse role models, fostering an early appreciation for differences and contributing to a world where every story is valued.




7. Drag Queen Reading Hour

Representation in podcasts and music is vital for an inclusive cultural landscape, and we take the lead on Spotify charts, ensuring diverse voices and stories are widely heard.

6. Releases

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We're seen on the big screen, dominating reality shows, review programs, talk shows, documentaries and unique formats, all geared towards diverse representation within the mainstream. Our commitment to increasing visibility ensures that diverse voices take center stage, promoting inclusivity in the entertainment landscape.

8. On the screen

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9. Workshops

​​Our talent brings a wealth of expertise encompassing diverse subjects, from building confidence and mastering makeup techniques to perfecting pronunciation. These multifaceted skills culminate in one-of-a-kind workshops, where participants gain insights and hands-on experiences, making each session a transformative and empowering journey.

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