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Heisa Jynx is a vibrant force in the world of pop music and DJing, known for her infectious energy and positive outlook. Since launching her career in 2011, Heisa has captivated audiences with her colorful, kawaii-inspired style, and her high-energy DJ sets that light up any stage. Hailing from the small conservative town of Yrseke in Zeeland, Heisa's journey to stardom has been both inspiring and transformative, proving that authenticity and self-acceptance can lead to success. She is also an advocate for trans and queer rights, and enjoys spreading joy to children by reading inclusive stories that celebrate diversity.

Her career took off as part of the DJ duo CU2NT, alongside her best friend Hoax LeBeau. The pair quickly made waves, performing at iconic venues like Paradiso and major festivals such as Milkshake. Since branching out as a solo artist, Heisa has continued to rise, headlining festivals like Lowlands, Freshtival, Hullabaloo, and ADE, where her playful spin on house music keeps crowds dancing. In 2024, she gained even more popularity as a top 6 contestant on the Dutch/Belgian reality show Big Brother and starred in the documentary 'De Aanval op Dragqueen Storyhour'. Her exuberance and courage have earned her a loyal online following, making her a beloved figure in the music and entertainment industry.

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