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Paving the way for more diversity.

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We are The Diverse Agency

The #1 leading agency for colorful events, talent management, bookings and creative services.

The world calls for more diverse role models. We work with leading LGBTQI+ icons, in and outside our agency, who spread their stories to global audiences and strategise with them for a career that allows them to grow from their authentic selfs. (Drag) queens, influencers, singers, actors and many more.   

We're good at making companies embrace diversity and inclusion. People increasingly demand more diverse and inclusive spaces, with a focus on the LGBTQI+ community . With our extensive knowledge in event management, consultancy and D&I expertise, we help you to create safe, thriving workplaces while keeping you entertained.

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Work with us

100+ events organised 

20+ exclusive talents 

80+ brands collaborated

Endless impact

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Trusted by, amongst others:

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